Monday, 18 March 2013

Kitchen Tips 4 u

  • Fill warm water in a bowl up to 3/4th level. Place the honey bottle in the warm water for 5 minutes. By doing this the hardened honey will get liquefied. After that keep the bottle at dry or warm place. 
  • Keeping garlic in the microwave for sometime makes it easy to remove the skin easily.
  • By rolling the tomatoes in a paper and refrigerating them, allows them to stay fresh for few days.
  • Cooking in ceramic dishes enhances the taste of the food.
  • To remove the smell of the onions and garlic on the hands after cutting them, rub your hands to a stainless steel bowl then it will absorb the smell.
  •  While cutting beetroot, carrot etc., keeping them in microwave will make their cleaning easy.
  • When the lime becomes dry and stiff, soak it in warm water for two or three minutes, so that extracting juice would be easy.

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