Monday, 18 March 2013


Few women sitting still for sometime will experience backache. If this is neglected at the initial stages later this would increase the problem. Hence, taking some precautions can avoid simple backache.
          In the office avoid sitting in a single posture for a longer time. Move side to side in the chair frequently. Make sure once in a while towards one or the other side otherwise backbone will get stressed at a single point, further this might lead to health problems.       

  1. People who frequently experience backache should avoid lifting weights above the level of the head. Additionally, never lift heavy weights beyond your capacity not even for fun.    
  2. Sleeping posture is also one reason for the back pain. If you are the person sleeping on the tummy stressed. Make sure you keep a thin soft pillow near your tummy.
  3. Vitamin ‘D’ deficiency can also lead to backache. Daily morning standing in the sun can provide required vitamin ‘D’. Fish, milk, soya, eggs also give vitamin ‘D’. Sit on the swiss ball for 20 minutes. Doing this back muscle become stronger. Reduces the chances of getting pain. Doing crunch exercises regularly can avoid 75% of the backache problems

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